Roberts Rules of Order


A set of rules to conduct meetings allowing everyone to be heard and to make decisions without confusion.

Order of Business


  1. Call to order.
  2. Minutes of last meeting.
  3. Officer’s reports.
  4. Committee reports.
  5. Old business.
  6. New business.

Order of Moving Motions


  1. Make a motion.
  2. Second the motion.
  3. Debate the motion.
  4. Amend the motion. (optional)
  5. Vote on the motion (call the question)

Making a Motion


  1. Address the chair & obtain the floor (“Mr. Chairman, I move that…”)
  2. The Chair will ask for a second. If no second, the motion dies.
  3. The Chair will repeat the motion and ask if discussion is needed.
  4. If anyone desires discussion, the mover speaks first defending/explaining his/her motion.
  5. All debate is directed to the Chair. All members are allowed to speak once before anyone may speak a second time, including the mover.
  6. The motion may be modified during discussion. The Chair should restate the question (motion) after each modification.
  7. The motion may be tabled for future consideration by majority vote.
  8. After discussion, the Chair asks if the members are “ready for the question” (ready to vote).
  9. The Chair conducts the vote, either by voice (“aye/nay”), roll call, or by written secret ballot.

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