One Page Wonders

GWB will offer a monthly critique of one page of writing, at no cost.

GWB members are encouraged to submit a maximum of 250 words, doc or docx format, once per month (to Laura Drake), for critique at the next in-person meeting and/or for the monthly newsletter.

  • Robin or Laura will read the “One Page Wonder” at meetings.
  • If two or more are submitted, the extras will be deferred to the following month.
  • Pages may be submitted anonymously. The author will not be identified (except to Laura) when submitting anonymously.
  • Authors can refuse publication of the critique in the monthly newsletter.
  • All “One Page Wonders” are due not later than the Sunday before the in-person meeting (due on or before March 24 and April 21). Submit to Specify your desired status: newsletter publication permitted or not, and anonymous or not.

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