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February Speaker: Leon Dixson

Leon Dixson is the reigning champion of the Walter Mitty Daydreamers’ Fantasy Club. (a fantasy in and of itself.) Four years ago, in his mid-seventies, He finally put fingers to keyboard to tell lies, uh er, write a story. He has passionately pursued the art of writing since.

Having finished first and second (twice) in the Granbury Writers Bloc quarterly short story contests, he pretentiously refers to himself as a prize-wining author. Taking writing more seriously than he takes himself, he is presently writing a novel set in Chicago during the wild and dangerous days of prohibition.

January 27th Speaker

Lori Freeland

The Ins and Outs of Internal Thought  

What your characters don’t say is as crucial as what they do say.     

Internal thought can either add depth to your story and amplify your characters or dilute your wow moments and water down your words. The goal in any novel is to make your readers feel as though they’ve stepped into your character’s body and to let them experience the world through your character’s eyes. Discover how internal thought relates to topics such as deep point of view, dialogue, subtext, tension, pacing, character likeability, character motivation, and story credibility. What goes on inside your character’s head can be a major player in creating their world. Its worth taking the time to perfect.


Lori Freeland wrote her first story at age five. It wasn’t good, but it left her with a firm belief that everyone has a story to tell. An author, editor, and writing coach, she lives in the Dallas area, loves good books, happy endings, and the perfect kiss. When she’s not curled up with her dogs drinking too much coffee, she loves to mess with the lives of the imaginary people living in her head.

November Speaker

Our speaker for the November 25 meeting (last Saturday in November at the First Presbyterian Church) is our own Laura Drake.

Her Topic: Advanced Craft Workshop!

You know the feeling – when you start a book and immediately suspend disbelief to fall into the story world. As authors, we know that this isn’t easy to do. It takes more than a good scene. It takes a maestro of craft to pull it off.

If you’re past problems with POV, character development and stage direction, this class will help you understand the subtle nuances that can be the difference between a ‘good writer’ and a popular author.

Laura Drake is a hybrid author of Women’s Fiction and Romance. Her debut, The Sweet Spot, won the 2014 Romance Writers of America® RITA® award. She’s since published 14 more books. She is a founding member of Women’s Fiction Writers Assn. and Writers in the Storm blog.

Laura is a city girl who never grew out of her tomboy ways. She gave up the corporate CFO gig to write full time. She realized a lifelong dream of becoming a Texan and is currently working on her accent. She’s a wife, grandmother, and motorcycle chick in the remaining waking hours.

July 2023 Contest Winners

From the July 2023 Bloc Buster Challenge writing contest.

The top four stories are listed here:

First Place  – Wristwork by Brian Condike

(withheld at author request)

Second Place tie – I Don’t Remember Dying by Leon Dixson (withheld at author request)

Second Place tie  – A Glimpse into the Future by Gary Christenson

Third Place  – The High(est) Stakes Game by George Bowden