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Goals Not Resolutions

IMG_4440A resolution can fail and usually does.  Goals are steps toward winning the game.  Or in this case, writing the words of your heart.

It may be baby steps, however it will get you there eventually.  Make 2016 the year you reach at least one of your goals.  This is the perfect time to focus, perfect your craft, and write the words in your heart.

One of my goals last year 2013 was to get my Spy Cam One out.  I did get it out in December 2014.  I should have said get it out mistake free.  That is what is great with a goal vs resolution.  Goals you can miss, but you get closer with each aim.

In 2015 I reached that goal, that is if you can say anything is mistake free.  It’s better.  And I got my Kindle version out just this week.  YAHOOOO Me!  After working a week at 10 hour days, I sent it all to Amit, my new best friend, and for less than $50 (each book is different in price) he had it in perfect shape in just a few minutes and I had it up on line in an hour or so.  And it sold 2 copies in just a few minutes.  Of course, one person thought he was getting a free copy.

My goal for 2015 is

  1. Getting a book out that will help classrooms teachers–to rescue kids from boring writing lessons which forces them to hate the craft.
  2. I also want to write book 2 in Spy Cam One.
  3. Finish YA time travel
  4. Publish My Sister the Cheerleader
  5. Learn Scrivener
  6. Do at least 1 virtual classroom event
  7. Do 4 school visits.
  8. In my spiritual goals, I’m adding two devotional books.
  9. In the re-purpose goals of writing, I will publish true love stories.
  10. Start a “famous people I’ve met” book.
  11. Continue to write for at least 5 different magazines
  12. Be a Sycamore tree.

What are your goals?  Put them don’t here in stone…or social media…actually it’s better than stone.  Let your writing friends keep you accountable.