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December Meeting on the 14th – Christmas Fun

December 14th 6:00 Program 

No Regular Critique

Join the Bloc for a fun evening of reading original stories at our December meeting and then guess who wrote them. All stories must be original, no more than 4 pages double spaced, 12 point Time New Roman Font. DO NOT put your name on the work. Make sure the paper is white and the print is black if at all possible. Do not tell anyone what you have written. If you tell anyone they can’t guess on your work. Try to stretch your writing style in order to fool those who know you best. You can write in any genre. Remember to warn the reader at the top of your manuscript if it has language or content that is R rated. You won’t guess out loud, but list your best guess on a paper along with the title. The writers will be revealed at the end of the evening.