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Mud Pond or Intelligent Design?

By Charles A. Rodenberger
In today’s world I don’t understand the thinking that believes that life evolved from a mud puddle being struck by lightning. The latest findings reported by biologists find more and more complicated information stored in human cells. Far more than the information in your computer. The only reasonable explanation is that life was created by a really intelligent designer. But today that concept is barred from being taught in school.

The Charleston (SC) Post and Courier reports the South Carolina State Board of Education rejected language that would require biology students to “construct scientific arguments that seem to support and seem to discredit Darwinism.” Groups supporting the language argued that it allowed students to learn the controversy surrounding natural selection, while critics said that it was a way to sneak creationism into the public school system.

It is strange to me that we have to “sneak” creationism into the public school system. There are a fairly large number of scientists who believe in creation. A lot more than those of us who also believe in a young earth concept, but there are a lot of recent science findings supporting that idea. I find it strange that more scientists can’t see plain facts that support a creation belief.

I am waiting to see how the unmanned aerial vehicles change the way we farm and ranch. There are a lot of predictions and I want you to let me know if you have seen any evidence. Of course right now the FAA is banning the use of UAVs except for certain research efforts. UT at Corpus Christi is one test site and I think that they are using the King Ranch for experiments.

The AP reported on demonstrations at the annual unmanned aircraft conference in Grand Forks, North Dakota including the pinpointing of a crime and the collecting of evidence following a car crash. However, “at least 75 percent of the drone use in civilian airspace is expected to involve agriculture.” Drones can help check on crops and d soil quality. Michael Toscano, president and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, said “that drones could help keep the family farm alive.” They also reported on a $150,000 Federal grant to Idaho State University for developing “ways to use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with specialized sensors to monitor crop health.” I wanted ag users to use computers to make smarter business decisions and I hope that UAVs will do the same.

For all of you who want to see your ranch from way up above and you live in New Mexico you will have that opportunity in 2016 according to Jane Poynter, CEO of World View Enterprises who successfully completed the first small-scale test flight of a high-altitude balloon and capsule being developed to let tourists float 20 miles above the earth. The system, which was launched last week from Roswell, New Mexico, “broke the world record for highest parafoil flight, lifting a payload to 120,000 feet.” The test involved a balloon about a third the size and a payload about a tenth the weight of what will be involved in manned flights. Let me know when you make your first flight.

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Charles Rodenberger has written a column for the Livestock Weekly since 1987. Here is one of his latest written for the July 3rd Edition of the Computer and the Cowboy. He has been a member of the Granbury Writers’ Bloc for over two years.