Rules and Guidelines – Monthly Contest

  1. Granbury Writers’ Bloc (GWB)

    Monthly Writing Contest

    Rules & Submission Guidelines

    (June 2018)


    1. All entries must be the author’s original work. Use of previously published plotlines, characters, and fictitious worlds invented by another author is prohibited (i.e., “fan fiction” is not allowed).


    1. Entries shall be in electronic format, typed, double-spaced, in 12-pt Times New Roman font, with 1” margins all around. Entries shall be paginated for ease of internal reference. Entries must be submitted in MS Word (.doc or .docx file formats). File names shall be the title of the story only (example: MyStory.doc or MyStory.docx). The author’s name or initials should not appear in the file name (see #3 below).


    1. This is a “double-blind” contest, i.e., the judges will not know the identity of the authors, and vice-versa. Submissions shall omit the author’s name from the header, title, and text of his/her story, as well as from any file names. Please ensure your name (or pen name) appears in your forwarding email.


    1. Entries shall have a maximum size of 1500 words (strict), unless otherwise specified for a particular month. Maximum word counts will include the story title. Exceeding the maximum word count will disqualify the entry. It is the author’s responsibility to verify the maximum word count for each monthly contest.


    1. Entries shall be submitted electronically by midnight on the 15th of each month. Submission. Entries should be sent to in the format specified above. (see #6, below)


    1. The submission fee is $20. An author may submit more than one entry for each contest by paying the submission fee for each entry. Submitted entries without supporting fees will not be reviewed or judged.


    1. Payment should be made using PayPal via GWB’s website ( ) Entrant may either use their PayPal account, or any major credit card using this link.


    1. Entries will be judged in six categories: Opening, Plot, Characterization, Setting, Style, and Impact. Complete details of judging criteria may be found on the GWB’s website ( ). Judges will not read or score disqualified entries (see #s 4 and 7, above).


    1. Winners will be notified via email, and all authors will receive their story’s respective score sheet with any comments from the judge(s). Results of the contest, along with the winning stories, will be published on the GWB website ( ). The first place story will appear in the GWB monthly newsletter (issued the fourth Monday of the following month). Authors may withhold publication of their stories on the website to preserve the story’s ‘never published’ status. NOTE: GRB reserves the right to withhold publication of stories with content deemed too graphically violent or too sexually explicit. The determination of what is deemed too violent or explicit for publication rests solely with GWB contest officials and judges.


    1. The winning monthly essays will receive a cash prize of $50 for the winner, $35 for 2nd Place, and $20 for 3rd Place. Recognition for second and third place will be published in the newsletter and on the website with the story title and author’s name.


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