Previous Winners

1st Place October 2019  – Illegal (publication withheld)  by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place October 2019 – Forest Avenue Ascension by Gary Christenson

3rd Place October 2019  – Crime Doesn’t Pay by Gail Armstrong


1st Place September 2019  – After the Fall by Gary Christenson

2nd Place September 2019 – Story Withheld by JJ Rushmore

3rd Place September 2019  – Happenstance by Gail Armstrong


1st Place August 2019  – Time to Go by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place August 2019 – Snakes in the Water by Robert C. Taylor


1st Place July 2019  – If It Floats by Alice Marion

2nd Place July 2019 – Mama’s Purse by Robert C. Taylor

3rd Place July 2019  – Steamed by BJ Condike


1st Place June 2019  – The Final Notice by Robert Taylor

2nd Place June 2019 – The Locket by Sabrina Chapman

3rd Place June 2019  – The Favorite Child by Jo Rotunno

(Unpublished at author’s request)


1st Place May 2019  – Coming Out by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place May 2019 – The Doorway by Gary Christenson

3rd Place May 2019  – Ashes in a Jar by Robert Taylor


1st Place April 2019  – Any Landing by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place April 2019 – Just a Girl by Robert Taylor

3rd Place April 2019  – The Nuclear Option by Gary Christenson


1st Place March 2019  – To Be or Not to Be by Pam McWilliams

2nd Place March 2019 – The King is Dead by JJ Rushmore

3rd Place March 2019  – The Foursome by Gary Christenson


1st Place February 2019  – Strategy  by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place February 2019 – The Funny Little Bunnies by Gail Armstrong

3rd Place February2019  – The Scales of Justice by Gary Christenson


1st Place January 2019  – Legacy  by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place January 2019 – Hershey Remembers The Fire by Robert Taylor

3rd Place January 2019  – Man on a Park Bench by Gary Christenson


1st Place November 2018  – Vaccine  by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place November 2018 – The Girl on the Wall by Robert Taylor

3rd Place November 2018  – Billy’s Story by Jim Hart


1st Place October 2018  – Hybrid Experience by Gary Christenson

2nd Place October 2018  – Monochrome by JJ Rushmore

3rd Place October 2018  – Chloe and Sam by Bonnie Bird


1st Place September 2018  Seeing Red by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place September 2018 The Reckoning by Gary Christenson

3rd Place September 2018  We Can Fly Away by Robert Taylor


1st Place August 2018  Escape From Reality by JJ Rushmore

2nd Place August 2018 Lilly by Gary Christenson

3rd Place August 2018  The Dog Crap Omen by Gary Christenson


1st Place July 2018  The Yellow Shoes by Robert Taylor

2nd Place July 2018 Gringo by JJ Rushmore

3rd Place July 2018  Plant Matters by Holli Harrison (unpublished at author request)


1st Place June 2018  Sweet Endings by Cherie Fruehan

2nd Place June 2018 The Tourist by Stuart Kelley

3rd Place June 2018  Bouquet by J.J. Rushmore


1st Place May 2018 Sharp Money by J.J. Rushmore

2nd Place May 2018 The Breakup by Cherie Fruehan

3rd Place May 2018  Dad’s Confession by Gary Christenson


1st Place April 2018 Crossing The Line by J.J. Rushmore

2nd Place April 2018 A Long Bus Ride by Gary Christenson

3rd Place April 2018  The Little Red Bug by Gail Armstrong


1st Place March 2018 “Poor Aunt Tillie” by J. J. Rushmore

2nd Place March 2018 “Stone Steps” by Alice Marion

3rd Place March 2018 “Dilapidated” by Holli Harrison


1st Place February 2018 “Promises”  by Alice Marion

2nd Place February 2018 “Prophesy” by J.J. Rushmore

3rd Place February 2018 “Franklin’s Secret Garden” by Robert Taylor


1st Place January 2018  “What I Hate” by J.J. Rushmore

2nd Place January 2018  “Please Don’t Wear Red Tonight” by Alice                                                            Marion

3rd Place January 2018  “The Key” by Rebecca Young


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