Pic and Post to Promote Your Book

big cTip for easy post.  Find pictures that say something to your audience or use your book cover.

  • Go to picture on your computer and open in Paint.
  • Click text (A) and click where you want the text.
  • Type message and move the text where you want it.  Do a save as so you can use your picture again.
  • Post this picture on site or email.
Dark in the park
Young adult feeling lost, in the dark as to what to do next.

You may want to engage your audience without promoting your book.  I’m working on a YA novel and want to build an audience of 13  to 18 year-old readers.  Plus maybe help kids know they aren’t alone.  Others have felt this way before.  This will go on Pinterest easy also.

I got this tip from www.LisaWingate.com


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