New Officers:

We so appreciate Katie Carpenter for her excellent work as newsletter editor in the mist of heart surgery and heart romance…?. We will miss you being in our community as you move but you don’t have to leave us here. And thank you Lloyd Christensen for excellent programs all year. We will miss you, but hope you stay in touch here.

Marylou Condike & Brian Condike, thank you for taking on the difficult job of being Newsletter editors for the next year.

New officers for 2016-2017 are:
President-Robert Taylor
Vice President-Peggy Purser Freeman
Secretary- Connie Lewis Leonard
Treasure- Beverly Harrison
Hospital Team – Elizabeth Sutton, Victoria Calder, and Gwen Williams
Media Team – Newsletter- Mary Lou and Brian Condike, Newpaper – Holli Harrison, social media- Catherine West, website- Peggy Freeman

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