Louis Campbell

While Lou is a noted author of many books of fiction, Laura is a self-taught easel artist with experience in oils, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.  Her personal choice is acrylics.  During the pandemic year, she painted sixty works and Lou wrote ten novels.  An assortment of their work will be on display and available for sale at the Riverhouse Grill, 210 SW Barnard St, Glen Rose, TX 76043.

The parents of three adult daughters and four grandchildren, they too share the heartache and the joy of family.  But they are interested in your stories.  In a recent unusual tale found in one of Lou’s recent releases, the characters in the novel  Hico, Texas, based on historical Hico includes a visit to Glen Rose!

Lou enjoys researching, writing and sharing his experiences in imaginative ways. Having visited 68 different countries working and consulting in many, his experiences are well above ordinary.  Married 56 years to Laura Lynn (Williams), his incredible bride and special friend has been engaged in his work in many ways.   Because of her, the ample resource for experiences has given a continuing and prolific flow of work written by Louis H. Campbell.  Much of his work has to do with relationships.   The Eternity Ring has a uniquely special significance. While the book is a precious post World War II travelogue that progresses through two decades, the cover is by artist Laura “Lolly” Campbell, the author’s bride.

Dr. Lou has one of the most diverse pens.  Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, he has written five collections of autobiographical fiction under the title of The Paradise Series.  These are Red Suspenders, Paradise Discovered, Paradise Explored, Paradise Remembered and Finding Paradise totaling a hundred twenty-five short stories in the collection. Negotiations are under way to air them on radio or You Tube so people can enjoy them as representing the time when radio programs like that were available.

Delving into murder mysteries, a perky Lieutenant Sheri Clearman leads us through intense murder mysteries with unconventional involvement in plots, solved by a brilliant woman detective.  Motive Means and Opportunity along with The Chameleon Murderer brings this witty character to life. More of this kind of work is in progress.   A delightful parody titled Fort Worth History According to Shad McVean is a humorous look at the development of the Gem City of the West.

Along with other stories engaging life experiences and interpersonal relationships, another important tale about sailing is found in a contemporary story set in New England, called Iota Point. The author’s love for sailing is replete in various trips and voyages around the world including his first novel, Wind of Destiny and the sequel completing this story called Aunt Ida’s Niece. 

Each experience in life consummates with an enigmatic story. Shadows After the Rain set in Holland and engaging characters from the artist Johann Vermeer, resulted in the Campbell’s being hosted by the Vermeer Museum in Delft Holland for a book signing to commence the couple’s 50th anniversary honeymoon Rhine River cruise.

In dedication to Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey, Gunflame, a collection of short stories from the old west is available along with a tale on the narrow-gauge railroad from Durango to Silverton, Colorado called the Animas River Incident.  Soledad McQuay is yet another tale of the old west with a twist.  That sequel, The Saga of Leather Britches McQuay is a delightful story that moves around frontier Colorado.  An amalgamation of these stories combined with additional work was released this year under the title The Colorado Legacy.  A unique tale of life in the emerging western frontier of Texas is amplified in Ghost Riders on the Brazos.   Two more collections based on the unique history of Texas are now released, Texas Rising and Under the Texas Sky.

Classical theatre director and author, “Dr. Lou” as his students and proteges call him, married Laura Lynn (Williams) his college sweetheart in 1965. Visiting sixty-eight different countries consulting and teaching, he has directed and performed plays, musicals, opera, television and film covering the last half of the Twentieth Century.

His adaptation of the Ibsen play A Doll’s House, which has enjoyed a premiere production of this work and finds much to offer for married couples seeking effective communication.  His directing of the work is also found on You Tube. Also available, The Redemption of Dr. Faust is an adaptation and amalgamation of Goethe and Marlowe’s epic story about Faust, originally staged in 1973 by the author, involving 106 cast members, is a solid statement in the use of theatre.  Not just stage plays but musicals are in his collection.  Noah, a delightful musical based on the Wakefield Cycle Plays from England, and a very special work, titled Pierrot Luminaire, based on an Italian Commedia piece called Improviso della Fazzoletto, improvisations on a handkerchief, requires well above the usual talents for staging.

Not a genre writer, the author captures many different experiences in literature. No One Who Cares, a story of gendercide, is set in contemporary India. The Sweet Dream of Life is a peculiar combination of life’s experiences and set in Bogota, Colombia. It is translated into three languages. Drawn from personal experiences around the world, these stories are engaging for those with an active imagination and a good vocabulary.

A progenitor of the contemporary physical theatre movement, his new text Memoirs on Mime for all Time is now available and summarizes his years involved in teaching and working with principles developed from his directing the First International Mime Institute and Festival in 1974. Protege of Tyrone Guthrie, Etienne Decroux, Jean Louis Barrault and Barrie Stavis, names now indelible in theatre history, “Dr Lou” focuses his theatre training philosophy on a thorough and organic approach to knowledge of the body as an instrument of expression. His precedent setting text Fearfully and Wonderfully Made documents his legendary material on anatomy and physiology from a Christian world view and is now available.  Another text recently released is a unique work titled The Arts in Ministry and Missions, that is gaining considerable attention in seminaries around the world.  He is the recipient of the coveted Men of Achievement Award from Cambridge University, England and was awarded the National Endowment for Humanities Professor in 2007. 

On literacy, his publications continue to be a diverse collection of creative fiction. The allegory Peregrina and her Beloved, is also a screen play.  In contrast is the trilogy of historical fiction, The Echo of Silence, Symphony of Silence, and A Doxology to Life, along with Ransom’s Fire, a touching story of intercultural relationships set in the Philippines.  A lengthy historical fiction set in London in 1660 is a fictional account of England’s first actress by royal acclaim, titled The Secret Love of Nell Gwyn.  A more contemporary Incident Without Honor is complemented by another novel, The Moth, and the Flame.  For contemporary stories using current themes, The Tall Girl and The Color of Darkness are two novels with intense responses to volatile conditions of today.  There is a collection of Short Stories about North Texas called the Trinity River Watershed. With the release of a pulp romance called Someplace Close to Paradise, Lou offers a variety of genres and types of reading. The Tapestry of Pas De Deux is a story designed for dancers, but also for anyone in the performing arts.  The Dawn’s Early Light is a comment on the clash between an immoral government and a conservative constituency that is so prevalent in today’s world. For those who love travel and are particularly fond of Ireland and Scotland, The Righting of Augustus Marie is a fine humorous remembrance. 

Aunt Ida’s Niece completes the story initiated in Wind of Destiny which sold out in its initial printing in one year, catering to the English-speaking population of Southeast Asia. Down Mexico Way – 1963 is an autobiographical account of an actual trip taken over fifty years ago.

Lou’s love for his bride, Laura is completed in his love of horses, ranch life, engaging people whose stories provide additional rich resource for further investigation and his memory of events in the world that make the United States such a vital voice to all. He is currently seeking literary representation from a reliable source that would aggressively represent his work in publishing, marketing to film and television entities, and appearances in workshops and events concurrent to his writing and theatre production work.

Their visit to Glen Rose hosted by Milan and Kelli of the Riverhouse Grill on September 11 from 1 p.m. through 7 is to get locals to meet and chat about their history of Glen Rose.  But in the tradition of visits, folks from other locations are most welcome to come and experience Glen Rose.  There is Free Parking everywhere. Come on by the café at 210 SW Barnard St. and take the load off for a chat. The Campbell’s would love to meet you.

 Lou’s books are available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Louis-H.-Campbell/e/B000APNYPS. Copies of Lou’s books will be available for special prices at the Riverhouse Grill, for those who wish to purchase an autographed copy as a gift for someone.

Already on the walls of the restaurant are several of Laura’s framed paintings.  She will have a number of additional works there on Saturday.  As a member of the Lake Granbury Art Association, Lolly’s work has been seen in various exhibitions around town.  She enjoys speaking with people about her work and sharing some ideas she has gleaned from their attendance at world class art museums in their travels.

For a unique experience, drive to Glen Rose.  Visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, or tour Dinosaur Valley State Park, and then drop by the Riverhouse Grill for some refreshment or lunch or dinner.  People who have never been to Glen Rose will be coming from considerable distances, to meet and chat with old friends and discover new ones.

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