Kathryn McClatchy

Kathryn started her career in marketing and advertising, then segued into academia teaching literature, composition, research skills, and rhetoric.

In 2006, as she was finishing her Master’s degree and preparing to start her PhD, Kathryn suffered the first of many strokes–one day she was a college professor, the next day she was having to relearn to read, write, talk, walk, and pretty much everything else again.

In the last decade, she has applied her education and experience to reinventing herself as a writer and public speaker.

In addition to writing thrillers and creative nonfiction, Kathryn has created and/or managed social media campaigns for three non-profit writing organizations, created and facilitated a flash fiction contest that has since been named after her, and she coaches writers and businesses on platform building, productivity, ADA Compliance, and developmental writing.

Learn more about Kathryn at www.KathrynMcClatchy.com.


Writers’ workshop and writing group