Judging Criteria

Granbury Writers’ Bloc

Bloc Buster Challenge


Opening:                      Possible 10 points

– Does the story “hook” grab the reader’s attention? (5 pts)

– Does the title arouse the reader’s interest? Does it “fit” the story? (5 pts)

Plot:                               Possible 25 points (5 points each item)

– Is there a clear beginning, middle, and end? (5 pts)

– Are the conflict, crisis, and resolution recognizable? (5 pts)

– Is the plot internally consistent and without holes? (5 pts)

– Does the tension mount throughout the story? (5 pts)

– Is there a twist or surprise to the story? (5 pts)

Characterization:       Possible 20 points (5 points each item)

– Does the story focus on the main character? (5 pts)

– Are the characters believable, memorable, and with unique individuality? (5 pts)

– Are the characters’ motivations and problems they faced believable? (5 pts)

– Are the characters’ introspections and dialogue appropriate for their age & background? (5 pts)

Setting:                       Possible 10 points (5 points each item)

– Do the descriptions use several of the 5 senses to help visualize the setting? (5 pts)

– Does setting enhance the story by contributing to the mood and emotions of the characters? (5 pts)

Style:                           Possible 25 points (5 points each item)

– Does the author “show” versus “tell” the story? (5 pts)

– Does the author use precise, active verbs? (5 pts)

– Do all the sentences move the story forward? (5 pts)

– Does the author employ figures of speech (e.g., similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, etc.)? (5 pts)

– Is the story void of errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar? (Commas don’t count, and people can disagree on their placement.) (5 pts)

Impact:                       Possible 10 points (5 points each item)

– Does this story engage your emotions? (5 pts)

– Will you remember this story and these characters long after reading? (5 pts)

Total Possible Points:            100 (Perfect Score)



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