Judge 4 Scoresheet

Bloc Buster Challenge 2018
Story Title:
Please Don’t Wear Red Tonight
Month: January Judge: 4
Judging Category Judging Criteria Item Points   (5 pts max) (Hook 10 max) Category Total Points Comments
Opening: Possible 10 points 10 Striking opening with gripping details.
Story “hook” grabs attention 10
Plot: Possible 25 points 20 The story is very suspenseful, and kept me on the edge of my seat. However, parts of the plot didn’t make much sense. Why an interest in all things red, rather than typical vampire lust for blood? What was happening to Kevin in the closet?
Is the story unusual/original and told with a particular skill? 4
Is the conflict, crisis, and resolution recognizable? 5
Is the plot easy to follow? 3
Does the tension mount throughout story? 5
Does the climax have a revelation, surprise, or twist ending? 3
Characterization: Possible 20 points 17 Rae is very clearly drawn and the author made me interested in her & her situation. But when Rae finds the foyer destroyed, would she really keep going into the house? If it were me, I’d either be so worried about Kevin that I would rush upstairs, or so freaked out by the destruction that I stayed outside & called Sam or 911 from there. But maybe I’m chicken.
Are the characters believable, memorable, with unique individuality? 4
Are the characters’ motivations and problems they faced believable? 3
Are the characters’ introspections and dialogue appropriate for their age and background? 5
Does the story focus on the main character? 5
Setting: Possible 10 points 10 The descriptions are notably excellent & very memorable – the description of the kitchen scene is particularly vivid.
Does the description use the 5 senses to help visualize the setting? 5
Does setting enhance the story by contributing to the mood and emotions of the characters? 5
Style: Possible 25 points 23 Recommend correcting: utility drawer not draw; hamsters don’t have tails, so no rodent tail would remain to drape over the cage – perhaps author is thinking of gerbils; not sure Sam would groan when he realizes the lights don’t work, perhaps gulped or stuttered or stammered would be a more realistic verb; near top of page 3, noticed not notice; middle of page 3, squeezed not squeeze; page 4, why would Sam look at Rae when he questioned what the officer meant about a red bomb?; top of page 5, “bull” isn’t a verb; perhaps bullied?; page 6, don’t capitalize Why after Kevin; p. 6, but I askED anyway (not ask anyways).
Does the author satisfy the contest assignment? 5
Does the author skillfully use language to express the character, theme, and setting? 5
Does the author “show” versus “tell” the story? 5
Does the author use precise, active verbs? 5
Are there spelling, grammatical or typographical errors? (don’t deduct for minor errors) 3
Impact: Possible 10 points 6 I think my lack of familiarity with the Twilight universe interfered with my appreciation of the story.
Does this story engage your emotions? 3
Will you remember this story and these characters long after reading? 3
Grand Total Points 86

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