Judge 2 Scoresheet

Bloc Buster Challenge 2018
Story Title:






Judging Category Judging Criteria Item Points   (5 pts max) (Hook 10 max) Category Total Points Comments
Opening: Possible 10 points 6 Interesting concept.  Not immediately evident the direction you were going.
Story “hook” grabs attention 6
Plot: Possible 25 points 19 I enjoyed the story. I would like to see where you would have taken it with a greater word allowance.
Is the story unusual/original and told with a particular skill? 4
Is the conflict, crisis, and resolution recognizable? 4
Is the plot easy to follow? 4
Does the tension mount throughout story? 3
Does the climax have a revelation, surprise, or twist ending? 4
Characterization: Possible 20 points 16 Often it is different to maintain believability in speculative fiction.  Good job in making it seem feasible.
Are the characters believable, memorable, with unique individuality? 4
Are the characters’ motivations and problems they faced believable? 4
Are the characters’ introspections and dialogue appropriate for their age and background? 4
Does the story focus on the main character? 4
Setting: Possible 10 points 8 The descriptions used were an integral part of the story, as important as a character.  I like how you used many senses in describing the area and events.
Does the description use the 5 senses to help visualize the setting? 4
Does setting enhance the story by contributing to the mood and emotions of the characters? 4
Style: Possible 25 points 20 Good job telling rather than just showing. Good use of onomatopoeia.
Does the author satisfy the contest assignment? 5
Does the author skillfully use language to express the character, theme, and setting? 4
Does the author “show” versus “tell” the story? 3
Does the author use precise, active verbs? 4
Are there spelling, grammatical or typographical errors? (don’t deduct for minor errors) 4
Impact: Possible 10 points 6
Does this story engage your emotions? 3
Will you remember this story and these characters long after reading? 3
Grand Total Points 75


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