Judge 1 Scoresheet

Bloc Buster Challenge 2018
Story Title:






Judging Category Judging Criteria Item Points   (5 pts max) (Hook 10 max) Category Total Points Comments
Opening: Possible 10 points 7
Story “hook” grabs attention 7
Plot: Possible 25 points 25 Good job of setting us in a Gothic world and recalling the time of the witch trials in the 1690s. Twist at the end is very believable and satisfying.
Is the story unusual/original and told with a particular skill? 5
Is the conflict, crisis, and resolution recognizable? 5
Is the plot easy to follow? 5
Does the tension mount throughout story? 5
Does the climax have a revelation, surprise, or twist ending? 5
Characterization: Possible 20 points 16
Are the characters believable, memorable, with unique individuality? 4
Are the characters’ motivations and problems they faced believable? 4
Are the characters’ introspections and dialogue appropriate for their age and background? 4
Does the story focus on the main character? 4
Setting: Possible 10 points 4.5 The setting is unclear. It’s not until page 4 we learn it’s nightime. I suggest establish the setting more clearly right from the opening. Establish it’s nightime with moonlight. Explain how he’s able to do his rubbings, his readings, and entries into his ledger when it’s dark. he needs a light source. I know where the story takes place but I don’t know when. Is it modern times? You can estbalish this by something as simple as the church burned because of an electrical fire. Also, hint at did the witches somehow start the fire.
Does the description use the 5 senses to help visualize the setting? 2.5
Does setting enhance the story by contributing to the mood and emotions of the characters? 2
Style: Possible 25 points 20.5 Misspelled ‘prophecy’ several times. Kind of sticks out given the title of the story
Does the author satisfy the contest assignment? 4
Does the author skillfully use language to express the character, theme, and setting? 4
Does the author “show” versus “tell” the story? 5
Does the author use precise, active verbs? 4
Are there spelling, grammatical or typographical errors? (don’t deduct for minor errors) 3.5
Impact: Possible 10 points 7.5 Not one of my favorite genres, but the story is well done. There is a problem with the action sequence at the top of page 3. The author has William sitting with back to the largest stone which gives the impression he’s resting against it. In the next paragraph, he’s backing away until he presses against the larger stone. Pulled me out of the story because it isn’t logical.
Does this story engage your emotions? 4
Will you remember this story and these characters long after reading? 3.5
Grand Total Points 80.5


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