Jonathan Mathews

Jonathan Mathews, an 18-year-old poet and scholar, has taken life itself to be a writing prompt. Drawing from both his small town, Texas childhood and the unforgettable diversity of extensive international travels, he writes both philosophical and natural beauty poetry, considering the human situation and environment in which we get to live it out. Throughout his childhood he had considerable experience with crafting arts like pottery, basket weaving, sewing, and leather/woodwork, and suggests such things, as well as writing, as practices in creativity. Although he severely disliked English as a subject when he was younger, he remembers specifically a poetry writing assignment in 9th grade, the product of which inspired his entire writing career. Growing up a homeschooler with a computer engineer and a marine biologist for parents, and deeply involved in Boy Scouting, 4-H, and church for over ten years, he loves to apply adventure and morality concepts through the lenses of service and science. Having recently moved with his family from his home town of Granbury to Gilmer, Tx in order to help their grandparents build and start a farm, he enrolled in LeTourneau University in Longview, Tx. Now he is finishing his Sophomore year as he pursues a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. Upon graduation, he plans to attend medical school where he will fulfill his childhood dream of delivering emergency aid to victims of traumatic circumstances by becoming a surgeon. Though schooling takes most of his time these days, he remains an avid reader and would happily suggest Dickens, Twain, Lewis, Snicket, Paine, and Adams to anyone who asks. Although his writing may slow during the semesters, they have given him many new prompts, and he looks forward to continuing it wherever the road of his life may take him.


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