Holli Harrison

Holli was born and raised in Arlington, moving to the Granbury area with her family in 1991. This was also the year she started writing snippets of stories. Already an avid reader from her mother’s influence, this was a natural progression. Her writing began with fan fiction for Xena: Warrior Princess.
Her mother then encouraged her to try writing things she might do something with, like publishing. This proved to be a fun journey exploring worlds untouched by anyone and seeing where her characters led her next.
Her strongest genre influence can be summed up in three movies: Return of the Jedi, The Lost Boys, and Return of the Living Dead.
Holli has carried a love of both sci-fi and paranormal permanently due to their impact. Return of the Living Dead gave her a lifelong case of the creeps regarding zombies. However, she has enjoyed The Walking Dead. Go figure.

Writers’ workshop and writing group