Gwen Williams

Hi Everyone,  It is me!  The girl from Macanac Island. You know, the rich, famous Socialite, Fashion Designer, Times Best Selling Author! The world has not yet discovered that, but they will soon!  After all, a girl can dream and I have always been a dreamer!  As a child I designed Barbie clothes and later my own clothes.  I made my first wedding dress at ten.  It was for Barbie!  My next one was for my best friend and sister-in-law Linda.  I made costumes for the TCJC Madrigals, followed by other wedding dresses and lots of one of a kind clothing for myself. I never quite made the New York Fashion Scene!
I wrote as a child and kept notes and memories of my days on our Goat Dairy. I thought that would be my first big seller.  Somehow writing that story does not seem near as funny as living it!
In the 80’s I wrote a column for the Hood County News called “Close To The Peak.” It was mostly a Life Styles Gig.  I wrote about interesting houses in the area and those who owned them. It was great fun but pay was very minimal.  So much for that job!
I now write mostly poetry. I have a book for children and a lot of devotionals.  I hope to find time soon to get some things ready to publish! I am on my way….

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