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Our younger members might not be familiar with it but decades ago there was a TV game show called What's My Line. A panel of celebrities would ask questions of a guest with the intent of determining the guest's occupation. I'm thinking of something a bit different for our meetings. A guest would come and we'd be up front about what they do. The guest would give a brief list of traits that should be common among any characters we'd create in the vocation or avocation. Members would then get to ask questions. For example, if one of the guests were a test pilot they'd talk about common traits of test pilots. They'd also talk about (or we might ask) what they've seen portrayed before that irks them because it isn't realistic. The idea is to help us learn to research our characters.  I'm thinking that any guest we bring in for this (I'm hoping monthly) would be given 20 minutes with up to another 10 for Q&A. We'd give out a homework assignment. For the next month's meeting, write something that includes a character with that vocation/avocation. They need not be the main character but couldn't be just mentioned in passing, either. And we'd share those. Would this be of interest? If so, are there any types of people you'd be really interested in having come?  
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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 35,953 total)
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