“Fast Track to Writing a Book” March Meeting

Writers’ Bloc meets on the 4th Monday each month, in the 3rd floor game room of Lakestone Terrace with critique at 5 pm and program at 7pm. March program by Pegg Purser Freeman will be a “Fast Track to Writing a Book.” Peggy will share tips and an overview of a couple of on line courses being offered for writers.

Author – First novel – The Coldest Day in Texas, (TCU Press) one of three finalists for The Texas League of Writers Teddy Book Award, presented by First Lady Laura Bush. She is author of Cruisin’ Through Life-Dip Street and Other Miracle, Spy Cam One and Swept Back to a Texas Future – a historical play for children, depicting an overview Texas history. (Hendrick-Long)

Peggy’s latest book – Dip Street and Other Miracles Celebrates the 50s and 60s, inspires family values and transports the reader back to home and heart in a Lewis Gizzard fashion.

Speaker – Peggy speaks on: her own work, the writing process, Texas history, responsible behavior, values and finding your own family history.

Student Writing Workshops – Students of all ages love writing when they participate in Peggy’s workshops. Centered on games and fun activities even writing becomes an enjoyable adventure.

Editor – Peggy served for the past 10 years as Editor for Granbury/Glen Rose Showcase Magazine.

Freelance Writer – Peggy writes for 7 major magazines across Texas. She has written columns for newspapers and Radio Disney public affairs shows 620AM.

Teacher – Peggy has taught writing classes at University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M Tarleton’s Langdon Center in Granbury.

Texas Independence Day Student History Fair – A 2014 Volunteer of the Year for the Texas Heroes Foundation, Peggy serves to promote Texas History and the freedom and liberty we enjoy as Texans as she facilitates the TID Student History fair in North Texas.

Creator and Chairman of the Elizabeth Crockett DAR Constitution Camp for Kids – Peggy dreamed of hosting a camp for kids to promote the study of the US Constitution for the children of Hood County. Thanks to her fellow patriots in the Daughters of the American Revolution the first camp took place in June of 2015 and plans are underway for a camp each summer. Peggy gladly shares resources with other communities who want to host a Constitution Camp.


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