Example Feedback

Bloc Buster Challenge Example Feedback

In the following tabs you will find real-life example feedback on a short story from the Bloc Buster Challenge. These are real scoresheets on a real story.

The examples include the original story as submitted to the contest. Although typically we will provide feedback from only three judges, this month we are fortunate to have feedback from four judges, One judge (#2) voluntarily provided comments in the form of line edits. We can’t always promise this judge will do this, but we are enjoying it while it lasts.

Please page through the tabs and see the insightful and constructive review comments from professional authors (and one discerning reader). We trust that any entrant will find feedback such as this to be useful in improving their writing skills.

Example Story:

Example Judge’s Scoresheets:

Judge 1
Judge 2
Judge 3

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