Elizabeth Sutton

Elizabeth Sutton


Elizabeth was born in Fort Worth, Texas.  Her family moved to Granbury when she was a year old.  She graduated from Granbury High School in 2002 and from the University of North Texas in 2008.


Elizabeth has been doodling since she could hold a crayon, and making up stories from a similarly young age.  The first form this took was with her toys.  Some of the earliest tales she came up with involved the adventures of “Mr. Hammer”, a toy wooden hammer with a face drawn on in Sharpie marker.  Mr. Hammer’s favorite food was green beans, mostly because that was Liz’s mom was trying to get her to eat at the time.

Elizabeth has written some articles for local tourist magazines and written an illustrated children’s book for the local historical society about mice exploring historical buildings.  It can be purchased at the Old Jail Museum and proceeds go the building’s upkeep.

Right now Elizabeth is writing and creating illustrations for a sequel, as well as writing and illustrating a children’s book for her younger cousins.  She is also working on a comic book about the episodic adventures of a character called “Bird”, a cartoon bird of no particular species that keeps getting sent on increasingly difficult tasks by its lazy boss.


In addition to Writer’s Bloc, Elizabeth is also active in the Lake Granbury Art Association.




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