Barna Richards, M.D. ~ Author

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Barna Richards spent 44 years living the stories in his first book. We often think doctors have it made. You rush to the ER and someone fixes your problem. Your cut is on its way to mending. Your life is saved and you wake up later in a comfortable bed. Faces might linger in your memory but rarely does anyone remember the doctor in the ER. What did it take to get from Wink, Texas, to the room where he saved a life? Hearing the stories changes the way you see the ER doctor.

44 Years in the ER

Many a heroic story has been written about emergencies and emergency rooms. The stories in this book are true. Some will convince you that truth is stranger than fiction. Looking back, my ER journey—filled with anxious nights, successful nights, and hellish nights of regrets— evolved with the history of the ER. That history documented change, progress and finally a specialty arm of medicine. 44 Years in the ER documents the evolution of the ER from the 1960s to the end of the century in the Dallas/Fort Worth area—its history and its heroes.

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