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March Meeting – Create a Book on Create Space

booksMarch Meeting 

Create a Book on Create Space

On Monday, March 23rd, Peggy Purser Freeman and Connie Lewis Leonard will share insights into publishing on Create Space.  This is a beginners workshop and will help you set up an account and understand using a  template for internal files and cover.  Bring laptop, phones, tablets or other devices to access create space to make it easier to learn how to use this publishing tool. However you can just takes notes and try at home on your own computer.

May Meeting – Chicken Soup for a Sick Scene and Sequel.

85841-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Vintage-Black-And-White-Book-Shelf-With-Books-And-Vines“Is your Scene and Sequel Sick? Give it a dose of Chicken Soup.”
Even through I will present a program about writing for Chicken Soup, I want to use Chicken Soup to teach Scene and Sequel. We’ve talked about how scene and sequel creates “Show.” Sequel alone can create tell. Bring a scene to our meeting if you like. But we will also write one. Make it come to life and have something you can submit to Chicken Soup. Make $200 out of a memory.