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Next Month’s Meeting
Date: September 26, 2016
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Lakestone Terrace, 3rd Floor Conference Room,
Granbury, TX
Agenda: Double critique, Mini session – Refresher on
passive vs. active voice by Brian Condike

Remember in September your annual membership fee of $20 is due.
S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 6 Writer’s Tips
The reader needs someone/thing to root for, worry about, etc., in order to wonder if ” they’ll “make it.”
Your Character And this is what fuels a “page turner.”
1. Who’s story is it?
2. Could someone else carry the
story or the theme better?
3. What’s their relationship with
other characters? Positive or
4. Character’s attitude toward
place, work, family, society,
religion, upbringing
5. What’s their perspective?
6. What are their reactions?
Thoughts, words, deeds by
7. Customs, secrets, myths
8. Approach to difficulty
9. Handle success
10. Is your character worthy of the
rewards of winning?
Carmen Goldthwaite
Author, Storyteller, Writing Teacher Humor Corner

Second Writer’s Tip of the Month
Show or Tell
Go through your manuscript and highlight every timeyou see an adjective (beautiful, lazy, persistent), or a feeling (love, hate, frustrated). If you see too many highlighted words consider revising. Choose more specific nouns that work without the need for an adjective. Show the feeling through action, facial expressions, gestures, and body language. Quotable Quotes: An editor once said, “Isn’t it a shame that everyone who ever wanted to write a book
did.” —unknown

Winning Essay (Example)
Writing Persuasively
So, you want a puppy. Here’s a news bulletin. Puppies morph into full sized animals before your eyes. If you want something to cuddle, buy a stuffed toy. Dogs’ social graces are questionable at best. They’ll lick your face after spending hours cleaning their privates. They’ll snore, belch, and toot during the best part of a Netflix movie. They’ll eat disgusting things like poop, dead worms, frog pizza, or soiled pampers before you can stop them, and then throw up on your new
living room rug.
Dogs don’t just have body odor. They have rolled-on-dead-animal odor, dirty
earwax odor, bad breath (from frog pizza) odor, and sneaky gastric emissions odor.
They like swimming, but hate baths, especially if soap or shampoo is involved.
Dogs are soft and fuzzy because they have hair, hair that gets all over the furniture, all over the car seats, and all over the back of your best black blazer. They prefer to shed by running around the house dropping tufts of hair, or by rubbing against the back of the sofa. They identify combs and brushes as lethal weapons.
Dogs won’t poop on command. They drop the biggest loads on your neighbor’s lawns, and lift their legs on your best friends bookcase while you’re assuring him your dog is housebroken.
Sure puppies are cute, but they grow up into dogs and dogs are a lifetime commitment. So don’t get a puppy as an impulse purchase unless you’re ready for selfsacrifice, surprises along the way, and you thrive on routine – like a dog.
New Business: Officers and committees were nominated and elected by acclamation (and by Zombies).
Officers Elected:
Robert Taylor—President
Peggy Freeman—Vice-president
Beverly Harrison—Treasurer
Connie Leonard—Secretary
Hospitality—Elizabeth Sutton and Gwen Williams
Mary Lou and Brian Condike—Newsletter
Publicity—Holli Harrison
Social Media—Peggy and Blaze
Book Review Schedule—Peggy Freeman and Mary Lou Condike will set up at Lake Stone on the 2nd and 4th
Tuesdays of each month from 3:30-4:30.
Holli Harrison completed an illustrated encyclopedia for her new series.
On September 10, Charles Rodenberger will celebrate his 90th birthday. He has been writing a column since
1986, receiving only a few emails. He received three emails in one week.
Connie Leonard wrote two magazine articles in August.
Business Meeting adjourned at 8:40
Upcoming Area Writers Events
Sponsor: The Dallas Area Writers Group (DAWG)
Event: DAWG Writing Workshop. “Write to Publish: Climbing Toward
When: October 22, 2016
Where: Cedar Hill Library, 225 Cedar Street, Cedar Hill, TX
Time: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
#Attendees: 80 maximum
Instructors: D.D. Ayres, Kendel Lynn, Michelle Stimpson, Taylor Stevens
Cost: $85 for full registration. Check website for early registration.
Contact: Patsy Summey, Writer
Dallas Area Writers Group
PO Box 1169
Cedar Hill, Texas 75106
Since: 2004

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