Pic and Post to Promote Your Book

big cTip for easy post.  Find pictures that say something to your audience or use your book cover.

  • Go to picture on your computer and open in Paint.
  • Click text (A) and click where you want the text.
  • Type message and move the text where you want it.  Do a save as so you can use your picture again.
  • Post this picture on site or email.
Dark in the park
Young adult feeling lost, in the dark as to what to do next.

You may want to engage your audience without promoting your book.  I’m working on a YA novel and want to build an audience of 13  to 18 year-old readers.  Plus maybe help kids know they aren’t alone.  Others have felt this way before.  This will go on Pinterest easy also.

I got this tip from www.LisaWingate.com


Sept 22, 2014 Local Author Shares Success

Meeting On September 22 will be …held in the 3rd floor game room at Lakestone Terrace. This month’s meeting will feature a critique session from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., with
our business meeting and program from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

September Program will be:
Melissa Wren Williams will be bringing the program for our meeting this month. She is a freelance writer and editor and the author of Serial Vengeance. She’s been writing since she was young and has 19 years of professional writing experience. Not only is Wren a novelist, she’s also a poetess, a world-traveler, a mystery lover, and a survivor. She is a resident of our own town of Granbury.
In Serial Vengeance, Wren brings a background in journalism and over four years of experience living in the heart of Washington, D.C. to this dark, suspenseful, psychological thriller set among the political intrigue of the nation’s capitol.

If you are bringing something to read at the critique session, it should be no more than five pages, 12 pt., double-spaced, with 5-6 copies for others to read along with you.
Note From Peggy Freeman …
Member’s dues need to paid this month if possible. Please bring your dues of $20 to our meeting, or you can mail a check (made out to
Writer’s Bloc) to our Treasurer, Beverly Harrison, at 1030 E. Hwy. 377, Ste. 110, #279, Granbury, TX 76048.
We will be voting on officers and committees at this month’s meeting and if you don’t show up you might be made an officer. Please think about which committee you want to serve on: Administrative,
Program, Financial, Hospitality, Publicity & Communications
and special events. Everyone gets to help. If you want to
nominate a person or self for an office, please send it to me or Connie
before Monday.

“We can go faster when everyone rows.” – Margarett Freeman

Sept. 2014