January 27 Speaker: Cathy Rueter – Creating Tension in a Story

Cathy Rueter, a former reporter and newsletter editor, has returned to her passion of freelance writing while pursuing a career as a Christian murder mystery author, speaker and grant writer. She is the founder of Fledgling Writers Community, geared toward new writers while welcoming ALL to the nest.

Originally from the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area, she now lives within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with her family.  If she’s not at her desk, you can probably find her with her nose in a book and hanging out in her hammock on the back porch, or in the car traveling to various writer’s groups and conferences.

With a revamped website coming later this spring, connect with Cathy at: www.cathyrueter.com,  www.facebook.com/cathyrueterwriter or the nest at https://www.facebook.com/FledglingCommunity/.

Writing with Rubber Bands: Creating Tension in Story

Tension in fiction draws a reader in and makes them feel various emotions for our characters. It puts them on the proverbial edge of their seats and creates a need to turn the page.
Working tension into our stories isn’t just for thrillers. Writers of romance, science fiction, historical, in fact, all genres—and even some non-fiction writing—need and are improved by this vital story element. Tension isn’t just stringing a bunch of words together and hope they stretch like a rubber band. We need to pull those bands taut and know when to release.
In Writing with Rubber Bands: Creating Tension in Story, we’ll explore what tension is, why it’s crucial, as well as the tips, techniques, and literary devices used to create it—without breaking a single rubber band. (*Full disclosure: only two rubber bands were harmed in the making of this presentation.)

December 9th Christmas Meeting

Remember, our annual holiday party will be Monday, December 9th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the 2nd Floor Activity Room at Waterview. It’s a pot luck affair, so bring your favorite dish and significant other and join us to play ‘Guess the Author.’

Interested members will bring one copy of an unsigned, ~1,000-word story. We’ll roll the stories into scrolls and place them in a basket. Writers will pick a story to read aloud, and everyone will try to guess who wrote it. The person who gets the most correct guesses will win a prize!

So please come and join us for some good food and even better fellowship. Hope to see you there!

Publishing Services – Why We Need Them

2019 Monthly Speaker Series

October 28, 2019 at 7 p.m.

The Point at Waterview, 2nd Floor Activity Room

100 Watermark Blvd, Granbury TX 76048

“Publishing Services – What They Are & Why You Need Them”

Jimandzetta.com is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Jim and Zetta Brown. Jimandzetta.com was started in 2008, timed to coincide with the huge increase in popularity of e-books and the subsequent changes in the publishing industry. Jim and Zetta keep their ears constantly to the ground to keep ahead of the rapid changes as digital publishing of both print and e-books becomes a bigger and bigger share of the industry as a whole.

Jimandzetta.com provides the full range of publishing services for self-publishing authors and independent publishers, from editing to entire publishing packages including cover design, typesetting, e-book conversion etc. No matter how you publish, JimandZetta.com has the expertise!

Jim and Zetta also founded an run the DFW Self-Publishing Group (www.dfwspg.com) which is a local Dallas/Fort Worth organization aimed at providing information, resource, and assistance to local self-publishing authors.

Jim Brown is a former middle-management professional. He started Jimandzetta.com in 2008, spotting an opportunity for a new type of publishing service provider as new doors opened in publishing. His background is in customer service and service training. He is a technical wizard and so oversees the technical and practical sides of print and e-book production.

Contact Jim by email at jim@jimandzetta.com  24/7.

Zetta Brown is a Mistress of the English language. She is a professional editor with a B.A. In English from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She was also the winner of the National Society of Arts & Letters (San Antonio Region) Award during her scholar years. As well as editing and proofreading, she is highly skilled in e-book conversion techniques, and in office organization.

Contact Zetta by email at zetta@jimandzetta.com 24/7.

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